Fucker Mate: French Affair with Newcomer Guillaume Weine & ALVARO FIZZ

This week fuckermate brings you Guillaume Weine, a newcomer sexy athletic guy coming from the city of lights Paris. He is only top and when thinking to which insatiable asshole he could have liked, they had no doubt and they made him meet with twitter’s star and nasty bottom Alvaro Fizz! The two mates liked…

Belami: WINTER WARMER with Adam Archuleta, Hoyt Kogan, Joel Birkin, Rocco ALfieri, Yuri Alpatow and Scott Reeves

    There is no hiding the fact that this scene was filmed in the heart of winter in central Europe as with open with the boys having a bit of rough and tumble in the snow. (Just as much as the presence of Bielko gives away the fact that the scene is filmed by…

Bromo: Workshop Whore with Peter One & Dick Chayne

Car repairs can wait when there’s hot bareback sex to be had. Dick Chayne eyes up hot stud Peter before bending him over the hood of a vehicle like the workshop whore he is. Throatfucking, rimming, barebacking: nothing is off limits in this greasy bareback sexcapade!

Bromo: Abandoned Part 4 with Jaxton Wheeler, Cody Smith, Max Wilde & Pierce Hartman

In this over the top series finale, Jaxton Wheeler’s sexual appetite reaches a fever pitch. With all his boys gathered in one place, these dickmatized hotties create a tower of ass for his pure pleasure, causing Jaxton to unleash his power like you’ve never seen before. This raw fuckathon will leave you panting for more!… Secret Affair Part 3 with Paddy O’Brian,Gabriel Cross, Skyy Knox & Diego Reyes

Couple Paddy O’Brian and Diego Reyes continue their cheating ways—together. Gabriel Cross and Skyy Knox share their beautiful bodies and delicious dicks with the newly ex-boyfriends, engaging in a hot four-way. Twink Peaks Part 3 with Aspen, Griffin Barrows & Xander Brave

The mystery surrounding Twink Peaks thickens, as do the hot cocks of the men wrapped up in it. Aspen is taken in for questioning by Twink Peak’s Sheriff Xander Brave and Special Agent Griffin Barrows. After learning he is the lead suspect in Noah Jones disappearance, he’s given a chance to prove himself innocent… and… Guest Butt Fucker with Roman Cage & Jacob Peterson

Jacob Peterson’s new apartment comes with a large perk—in the form of Roman Cage’s huge cock. Jacob’s ass stretches wide as he’s pounded from behind. Roman’s girlfriend may be in the other room, but these guys need some orgasmic relief.

Titan Men: Sling with Adam Ramzi & Jason Vario

Adam Ramzi has a package for warehouse stud Jason Vario, who tells the deliveryman that they make play gear. ìLike for playgrounds?î asks Adam. ìNo,î laughs Jason, leading him to a sling. ìThink a little more adult.î Jason deep throats Adamís uncut cock, which bursts out of his uniform. Adam bends over for a kiss,…

Uk Hot Jocks: Rubbergeddon with Dani Robles & Aarin Asker

Absolutely smouldering in rubber, Dani Robles rubs his hands over his slick and tightly latex clad body, waiting for a boy to join him in the Rubergeddon play pit. Aarin Asker swaggers up to him, cheeky, sexy and with bulging muscles. The big pig emblem on his chest suggests he’ll be up for some hard…

UK Hot Jocks: Locker Jock – Tyler Underwood

Cutie pie and total sex bomb Tyler Underwood looks like Irish cream wouldn’t melt in his mouth. Sweet, innocent and a little charmer, he chats with our Sam about his life in Ireland and his decision to get into porn.. not that we’re questioning why, we couldn’t be happier! He’s a highly sexed boy, as…