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Category: French Twinks

French Twinks Have Threeway Sex on The French Riviera

French Twinks Sea Sex and Sun Episode 1 – with Doryann Marguet, Paul Delay & Erwan Lamour French Twinks take to the high Seas with Doryann Marguet, Paul Delay and Erwan Lamour. However this not is not the Titanic and the only thing going down will be them… on each other. Captain Marguet along with

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French Twinks : Explore My Body Jules Laroche & Erwan Lamour

French Twinks – Jules Laroche & Erwan Lamour Explore My Body French Twinks keep us all on the edge of our seats as they bring Jules Laroche and Erwan Laroche together. We find the duo sat naked (except for their Andrew christian underwear) and they decide to play a game of “guess what”. The games

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French Twinks: Xavier Sibley Returns & Enzo Lemercier is Chosen

Xavier Sibley returns to French Twinks the place where he started his award winning porn career. To mark this special XXX occasion, French Twinks decided to pair him with their current Twink De Jour Enzo Lemercier. This is a celebration to remember after all. Sitting at his desk doing some calculations and general admin, Xavier calls

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French Twinks: Chris Loans with Enzo Lamercier & Ryan Marchal

Cheating and Peeping is a new scene from FrenchTwinks. We are acquainted with the boyish Enzo Lemercier and Ryan Marchal and the chiseled Chris Loan. The scene opens with Chris taking Enzo’s thrusting package deep to the back of his throat (he’s done this before). We then see Chris on his back looking every inch

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French Twinks: Jules Laroche & Celian Meyer

Who doesn’t want a toy boy? Jules Laroche’s wishes come true with this scene in the form of Celian Meyer. The scene opens with the boys entering Jules bedroom (he is tidy as well as sexy). The pair are kissing intensely, they clearly can’t keep their hands off each other. Its not long before that tidy

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