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Men at Play: Super Ego with Emir Boscatto & Pietro Duarte

The scene is set and soon it is set ablaze! Emir Boscatto has met Pietro Duarte and they cannot wait to see what is inside each other’s smart and sexy suits. Big Dicks are revealed and both take a turn on sucking each other long and hard…. The sexual heat soon turns to some master…

Men at Play: Bravado with Diego Reyes & Andy Star

Men at Play turn up the heat this week with Porn Stud du Jour Andy Star and The Mighty Diego Reyes. Wanna buy a car? How about having you up again the bonnet instead. The Suits may stay on but they both get off!

Men at Play: Xlingo with Klein Kerr & Geordie Jackson

Geordie Jaxx has set up the camera and ready to do a presentation with Klein Kerr, as there is a language barrier they decide to use their mobile phones to do a translation to each other so the event can take place. While translating various phrases the phone translates “you are very handsome” and thing…

Men at Play: Bad Pup with Andy Star & Denis Vega

Alone and horny Andy Star misses the scent of his man Denis Vega, as he sits there longing for his lover to return he discovers a worn suit with the smell of Denis. Andy gets all excited and gets out his cock as he sniffs the man smell from the finely embroided suit. Denis comes…

Men at Play: Bare Cheek with Dato Foland & Gabriel Lunna

When Gabriel Lunna has some problem with his pipe work (In the kitchen) he decides to call on the services of the Men at Play Plumbers. There is the door bell and Dato Foland has arrived to sort out the problem. Dato soon gets under the sink bending over and revealing some nice ass crack……

Men at Play: Resolute with Dani Robles & Jonas Jackson

Nothing says class and sophistication better than a handsome man wearing an elegant tuxedo. Dani and Jonas, dressed to the nines in tuxes, sip wine while they wait for a car to take them to an upscale party. But Jonas has other plans. These gorgeous men can’t keep their hands off each other. Soon Dani…

Men at Play: The Mentor with Hector De Silva & Andy Star

Hector De Silva is making an important speech and just cannot seem to remember the vital lines that he is going to say, he makes a call to his colleague Andy Star for a little but of advise and some support. Things soon go from a little word in his ear to a large cock…

Men At Play: Alfresco with Denis Vega & Seth Santoro

When a little outside massage turns into a full on fuck feast then you know that a movie is gonna be getting you excited in no time. Denis Vega & Seth Santoro get it on (but one of their suits stays well and truly on) “Alfresco” style new at menatplay!


Men at Play have issued a warning with this Movie, they have stated that “Suits were harmed in the making of this movie” So dont say you haven’t been told!