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Category: Men at Play

Massimo Piano is Kept by Logan Moore

Men at Play : Kept with Massimo Piano & Logan Moore Being a “Kept” man at Men at Play, Massimo Piano is at Logan Moore ‘s beck and call. Being dressed up like a living doll for a rich sugar daddy, and becoming his little bitch. Playing the game of being used but enjoying every minute

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Submit! Jonas Jackson & Max Duro Men at Play

Men at Play – Submit with Jonas Jackson & Max Duro Are you ready to Submit? Men at Play bring you the ultimate suited sex scene with Jonas Jackson & Max Duro. Hairy Euro stud Max Duro has accepted the invitation to a sexual initiation and is eager to submit. Jonas has left a note

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The Final Touches Lead to Rampant Sex

Men at Play Final Touches with Jean Franko and Dario Beck Men at Play bring you the final touches with Jean Franko & Dario Beck. Dario arrives all smart suited and ready for their important business meeting. The problem is Jean is not ready. He opens the door only half dressed showing off his muscular

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Men at Play: Drenched with Dato Foland & Gabriel Phoenix

Men at Play bring you another scorching movie with the hunky duo Dato Foland and the cheeky Gabriel Phoenix. The scene opens with Dato emerging from the glistening pool and stretch out on a sun lounger to catch some rays, enter Gabriel Phoenix. Gabriel is taking a business call on his mobile and this is

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Men at Play: Gangsta with Hector De Silva & Lukas Daken

A black exectuive vehicle pulls up. There is something or should we say someone in the car’s trunk. What is Hector De Silva hiding? The Gangsta has arrived at Men at Play. Hector makes his way and opens up the tailgate to reveal a bound up (but still very well dressed) Lukas Daken. Hector takes

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Men At Play: The Londoner with Gabriel Phoenix & Pietro Duarte

Fully suited and dressed to impress Gabriel Phoenix has landed at Men at play. He has just arrived abroad and Pietro Duarte has helped him out with a place to stay. To show his gratitude to his host, he soon finds a way to pay for this favour. Gabriel slowly unbuttons Pietro’s shirt to reveal

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Men at Play: One Good Deed with Max Duro & Dani Robles

So when Max Duro Asks the sexy Dani Robles are you free tonight and his answer is sorry i’m busy… you think what could possibly go sexy with this. Wrong! Dani is fully suited in the office and changing the ink on the printer when he gets covered in blue ink. Max is to the

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Action After The Match with Diego Reyes & Teddy Torres

Men at Play – Take a Shot with Diego Reyes & Teddy Torres Diego Reyes is getting changed after his soccer match when his manager Teddy Torres walks in. The Plan has been decided. Instead of talking about kicking balls they decide of playing which each others. The Suit Stays on as Teddy has another

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