Category: Hang 10 with Dane Stewart & Jackson Reed

Dane Stewart has been working the waves on the sunny beach, as he emerges fresh out of the water in his tight bodysuit and starts to take it down, he catches the eye of Jackson Reed who has been watching him in the surf all morning. Well lets just say they go back to the… Quest for The Perfect Cock Part 3 with Casey Jacks & Paul Canon

The quest continues for the perfect cock at with Casey Jacks and Paul Canon, and the journey is something to remember. Lots of Oral Fun with some nice positions for all you lovers of deep anal action! Protecting Cock with Roman Todd and Titus

Roman Todd is the new class teacher and his class is being disruptive, as he tries to get their attention and engage them all he goes through some slides on the board… Busy away at his presentation his slides are boring, until a image of him and his bog dick get projected onto the screen…. Exploring Dick with Darin Silvers & Jack Hunter

Darin Silvers is taking another step into his “Exploring Dick” journey, this time its with Jack Hunter. Well lets face it if you’re gonna have some exploring of gay hot sex then who better to do it with? Lovers of Porn, will enjoy this one, over and over again…!

Launching at on 16th: Elixir with Gabriel Cross & Francois Sagat

Francois Sagat and Gabriel Cross both find the “Elixir” and come across each other as their younger in their prime years. They are ready to fuck forever until the magic potion undoes its effects Snap! Part 1 with Tristan Jaxx and Beaux Banks

Class is in session and Beaux Banks is bored and horny so with one snap of his fingers and his hunky teacher Tristan Jaxx is suddenly naked and ready for a one-on-one lesson, the desk is not made for marking… it’s for fucking! Exploring: Man with Diego Sans & Darin Silvers

This series from is called “Exploring: Man”…. Darin Silvers comes to play and to bottom (which he rarely does) and who better than to train his ass but the delicious Diego Sans. Newcummers with Gabriel Wood & Logan Styles

  When we saw the line up for this new series at, we were instantly blown away with the stunning Logan Styles, put a date in your diary 4th April 2018, Hotmalestuds said “This man will be a HUGE star in 2018”. Gabriel Woods is also gonna be a big success with he hot… The Boss Part 3 with Paddy O’Brian, Pietro Duarte and Ken Summers

When “The Boss” aka Paddy O’Brian calls you in for an asssssessment of your work its an offer you cannot turn down and you must do you best to show that you have what it takes to continue working within the Company. This Time Paddy asks Ken Summers and Pietro Duarte into his office and… The Specialist with Jean Franko & Andy Star

Okay so you have a problem… Who are you gonna call to sort the problem out? Well This problem is… well lets put it this way… Andy Star and his intense horn! Well the problem is soon resolved with the help of the delicious Jean Franko. The moral of this story is always call “The…