Rubber Handjob Explosion with Jonas Jackson & Leander

Is there anything better than seeing guys in tight shiny rubber having sex? For sure! Leander and Jonas Jackson in tight shiny rubber wanking, fucking and sucking each other off leading to a fantastic handjob explosion. No words to explain just how beautiful and hot this scene is.

Jonas is definitely in charge. Right from the start he has Leander’s cock in his hand; wanking it gently and toying with his balls. Leander makes sure he gets his fair share on Jonas’ cock too. It’s not long before Leander’s rubber leggings are unzipped to reveal his arse; creating an access point for Jonas to get his cock inside and straight into the warmth of Leander’s tight hole. If you could see the look on Leander’s face (well you can if you have access to the member’s area)!!

I’m surprised Leander lasts so long with the amount of attention his cock and arse get in this scene. His cock is wanked, sucked, the tip teased, the balls squeezed. His arse is played with, fingered and stuffed to the hilt with Jonas’ hard cock. The viewer is treated to a variety of fantastic angles of the play throughout. Nothing is left to the imagination.

No surprise to learn that it’s Leander’s cock that’s given a fantastic milking by Jonas The final minutes of the scene start with the pair wanking their own cocks, but you can tell Jonas is far more interested in Leander. His route to Leander’s cock is a little nipple play before moving is hand down and grabbing his hard cock and wanking it hard and fast. All credit to Leander for holding out so long before unleashing a big load all over his rubber vest. Jonas adds his own load to the mix. Spot on!

jonas jackson leander guyzin2rubber
jonas jackson leander guyzin2rubber
jonas jackson leander guyzin2rubber
jonas jackson leander guyzin2rubber
Perry Jameson, Bentley race

Newbie Perry Jameson has arrived at Bentley Race!

Bentley Race Perry Jameson Big Dicked Australian Guy Perry Jameson has landed… Notes from Bentley Race: Now that it’s warming up again in Australia the summer season of shooting has begun. And there are a lot of guys waiting to come around for their first shoot. One of our mates recently introduced me to this

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Hang out at Sean Cody with Giovanni

Sean Cody Giovanni Muscular, hung stud Giovanni is 26-years-old with Italian roots, and he’s definitely proud of it! “I have a big, Italian cock!” says brown-haired Giovanni. “If I were to describe my dick to you, it would be a cut dick that hangs very low. I have a great ball to shaft ratio, and

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French Twinks – No Paint Brushes Required!

French Twinks “TwinkArt” Well this is a first for French Twinks. Not only have they banged out consistently high quality movies. Not only do they have the cutest and freshest Twinks. Now they have conjured up the idea of creating art. Not the kind of artistic porno movie art but painting art. Yes you read

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Vice Kitchen Part 3 with Jules Laroche & Corentin Tessier

French Twinks Vice Kitchen Part 3 with Jules Laroche & Corentin Tessier Jules Laroche and Corentin Tessier have had a very busy few days at French Twinks. After the demanding visiting chef Chris Loan had forced them to take part in a Twink orgy, something between them has reignited. The business is now improving and

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Alejandro Rubio, Carlos Leão, Fuckermate

A Wet Day at Fucker Mate with Carlos Leão & Alejandro Rubio

Fuckermate Wet Day – Carlos Leão & Alejandro Rubio Right after arriving at home and having found Carlos Leão in the kitchen, a great desire seizes the body of young bottom Alejandro Rubio. He is already aware that Carlos has a huge anaconda between his legs.  Today he doesn’t want to miss the chance to

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