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Everything You Need to Know about London's Biggest Fetish Club HARD ON!

Owner Suzie Kruger Reveals all

What’s your fetish? Leather? Rubber? Sports Gear? Whatever it may be, then we recommend you head to London’s biggest fetish party HARD ON. If you always wanted to go but had some reservations, then don’t worry we had them too! What do you wear? What goes on inside? Are there really live sex shows? We reached out to Suzie Kruger the owner and host of the event to see if she could tell us a bit more. Suzie was more than happy to sit down and tell us all about Hard On, it’s history and everything the night has to offer.

hard on london
Suzie with Dolf Dietrich and Hugh Hunter

So you are the owner and creator of London’s biggest fetish club? How did it all start?

Oh thank you!  I started out organising a Lesbian fetish night called The Clit Club.  A friend who owned a small  strip bar in central London asked me to organise a few parties and it went from there.  I certainly never envisioned things turning out the way they have.

When you started “Fist” did you find immediate interest in the night?

Definitely, a huge interest in FIST right from the beginning (1994) as there was already a mixed fetish night called Sadie Maisie at the old Lesbian & Gay Centre that was very popular, but my friends and I thought it was kinda tame. Again someone contacted me and offered a huge railway arch in Vauxhall so I thought let’s do a mixed night with hard techno music and artistic hardcore sex shows.I actually started FIST with a friend, Gill but she left early on and left it to me to shape and grow it

How did you advertise the events as this was pre-social media / internet?

Pretty much how we still do it now by flyers, posters and ads in the Gay Press.  Word of mouth being our greatest advertisement.

Did you ever face any issues or discrimination with the first club? 

Not that I recall, the London party scene was very much booming back then with lots of underground type parties.

How does it feel that you have created an iconic night for so many club goers?

I really don’t think of it that way LOL but am very happy to know that people have enjoyed my parties over the years!

Do you have a creative team that you work with to bring in new ideas, or is it a solo effort?

Not really a creative team as it were but friends do mention things as well as customers and I pick up things along the way.

So how did “Hard On” evolve into the place to be?

I would like to think we have an excellent reputation as the best fetish sex party in town (and friendliest).  My team and I work very hard to achieve this. With a close eye to detail.   

Hottest Guys
Getting Their Sexy On
Those Pecs are on show!
Red Hot
@Cjacobs82 gets his HARD ON fix

Do you welcome newcomers?

We love Hard On virgins!

What advice would you give to people who are interested in attending a night?

Please come along as a guest (no need to sign up for membership). Feel free to contact us by email, or phone or via our website.I do receive frequent messages via our website asking about dress code, prices and what kind of night to expect.

I think some people can be a bit nervous their first time coming to Hard On.

But nothing to worry about as we are very friendly and welcoming. 

What kind of dress code are your nights? Haven’t you recently introduced sports wear?

Hard On dress code which is strictly enforced rubber, leather, sports, jocks and boots or just your boots (naked). We introduced sportswear by popular demand a few years ago.  Sportswear is quite popular with younger guys.

If we are coming along to the night do we come dressed to thrill? 

Most definitely dressed to thrill, feel sexy, look sexy, be sexy!

Tell us about the club. What kind of rooms / music are there?

Loads of rooms to have fun in! Two cruisy dancefloors, large mezzanine with dark rooms and private cabins private plus enclosed outdoor smoking area. We have some amazing DJs playing tribal and tech house music to get down too!

hard on london
In The Club with Max Duro, Dominique Kenique, Xavier Sibley & Friend

People always want to know what are the do’s and don’ts?

Do adhere to our dress code and make an effort (street clothes aren’t sexy) Do be prepared to have the best time of your life! lots of fun to be had. Don’t feel shy to ask if you need anything we are here to assist!

People can have sex at the club? Do you encourage it?

Tons and tons of sex if you want it! We most certainly encourage it with lives sex shows, equipment to use such as beds and benches, comfortable seating. Free readily available condoms, lube and gloves.

Have you seen an increase in attendance as attitudes have changed so much since the beginning?

This year we have seen a great increase in numbers as we have moved to an amazing purpose built sex club.

What is the craziest thing you have seen in the club? 

Nothing is too crazy for us, we let people enjoy themselves as they wish.

Do you have future plans for more nights abroad?

Coming up we have Hard On in Italy, Gran Canaria and Belgium.  Always up for new places so contact us if you want a Hard On!

Live Sex Show with Dolf Dietrich and Yoshi Kawasaki

HARD ON is currently located at Bloc South 65 Albert Embankment, Vauxhall, London SE1 7TP

Next Party takes place 18th August with special live shows from USA superstar Armond Rizzo and British Stud Orson Deane

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hard on london

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