As the scene opens its clear that Theo Ford is not happy, on his cell he tells whoever is on the line that “it is unacceptable” and he is “The Boss” they will be hearing more from him tomorrow. Pissed off he goes to leave, as he opens the door Paddy O’Brian is standing there in his workman overalls, Theo’s face lights up as this must be the new contractor, he invites him in, Paddy enters the office where construction and decorating is incomplete, he plants down his tools, the sight of his bulging muscles popping out through his work gear is just the start of things to come. Theo is still on the phone and repeats the fact that he is the Boss and Paddy overhears! Paddy takes down the top of his overalls revealing a full hairy chest, Theo takes a side glance… You can tell he is very interested in what he sees. He soon disconnects the phone and walks over to his new sexy contractor and tells him that he hopes that he is better than the previous one. Paddy says that “he will try Sir”, Theo demands that the “bloody job must be done”; all the while making deep eye contact with his new ripped contractor.

Paddy bends down looking as though he about to start the job but instead brings up his paint roller and states “If you want the job done, do it your fucking self” at the same time taking the roller, running it down Theo’s best suit and  covering it in white paint (this is obviously a sign of things to cum). Paddy then goes on to say “its about fucking time you got your fucking hands dirty” and Theo goes in for it saying “I’ll show you how fucking dirty I can get”. Theo grabs Paddy for some deep and filthy kissing, which has obviously turned Paddy on… Theo takes his hand and grabs Paddy’s cock from his overalls, revealing a raging hard on! Theo falls to his knees and takes all of Paddy in his mouth and gives him a long hard blow job. Paddy continues to force Theo’s mouth around his throbbing cock, slapping it around his face, (he’ll show him who exactly is the boss here). Lots of kissing goes on in between Theo sucking on Paddy’s hard dick, the job is well and truly underway… Paddy wants more, he takes Theo’s head and plunges his his dick deep inside his mouth and fucks his throat as Theo moaning with pleasure.

Theo gets on all fours still with his mouth firmly in position, arches his back and Paddy has a nice feel of his butt. Paddy obviously likes what he is feeling and cannot wait to taste some ass, so with Theo bent over, Paddy buries his face and tongue inside him. As Paddy is vigorously lapping away at Theo’s Hole, he cannot resist but use his fingers to loosen him up for some deep fuck action. The two cannot wait any longer,  Theo bends over the work bench and Paddy wastes no time in ramming his cock into his hole. This is why contractors are so good at sex, they know how to BANG. As Paddy’s cock and balls slap against Theo’s Ass, he moans “Yeah” “Yeah” “Yeah”!. Theo clearly wants Paddy deeper inside of him so he takes a seat and Theo sits straight on his massive cock; bouncing in ecstasy as it thrusts in and out. Theo kisses Paddy nice and deep as he feels every thrust going deep inside of him. Theo wants another taste of cock so he drops to his knees again to take some more in his mouth (he cant get enough). Work boots still on, Paddy lies back and Theo Jumps on again and takes his cock for another hard ride (Just love the way he bounces). Theo cant take it anymore, he needs to explode, and so he does… he shoots his massive load all over Paddy’s furry chest. Paddy needs to unleash his cum load, so as Theo is licking and sucking he explodes all over his face, leaving Theo’s face is left dripping in hot cum! The scene ends with Theo licking all the way up Paddy’s cum covered hairy chest and finishing with one final kiss! This is a MUST see scene… So head over to and see it all – you will be watching it over and over again!