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Bromo: Plugged in Paradise with Michael Roman & Phoenix Fellington

Michael Roman and red hot newcomer Phoenix Fellington are perfectly paired; both are gorgeous hunks who love giving and getting hard cock equally! The result is a feast for our eyes as they take turns plowing each other bareback in this riveting fuck fest.

Sean Cody: Regan & Curtis Bareback

Talk about a good match! Dillan and Joey have similar playful personalities, so it came as no surprise to us to find them playing in the pool and getting along very well which translated nicely in the bedroom, or, in this case, the living room.Clearly, these two hotties were hungry for each other! Sex God Part 3 with Francois Sagat, Paddy O’Brian & Allen King

At last it has arrived the epic final conclusion of’s Sex God ends with a might bang, literally! Paddy O’Brian and Francois Sagat take it in turns to fund away at the delicious Allen King. All good things come to those who wait, but now the wait is over at 2 for 1 with Jordan Levine, John Magnum & Jake Porter

The moral of this story is always leave your phone about if you want even more fun! Jordan sets up a blind fuck date and heads into the shower. Meanwhile, John is snooping through his phone and sees how hot his soon to be visitor is. He then decides to intercept when he arrives so…

Men at Play: Xlingo with Klein Kerr & Geordie Jackson

Geordie Jaxx has set up the camera and ready to do a presentation with Klein Kerr, as there is a language barrier they decide to use their mobile phones to do a translation to each other so the event can take place. While translating various phrases the phone translates “you are very handsome” and thing…

Sean Cody: Regan & Curtis

Sean Cody haven’t seen Curtis for quite some time, however now he is back and wanting a good old fashion pounding. They asked Regan and he was more than willing to take Curtis and slam his ass nice and deep. The moment that they are on the bed their is sexual chemistry and its not…

Fucker Mate: Camilo Uribe & Andy Star

Fucker Mate’s Colombian topmate Camilo Uribe is going around at night, looking for some nice place to meet local guys. While walking in the city center he finds “The Moon – Night Club”, a new amazing gay bar recently opened in Barcelona. Camilo goes inside and feels like at home, with the Caribbean style decoration….

Bromo: Bareback Slide with Pierce Paris & Jack Hunter

Pierce Paris just wants to chill, but Jack Hunter is feeling like disturbing the peace. But even Paris has his limits and Jack definitely crosses the line. The sexual tension runs high, and if he knows what’s good for him he’ll stfu and swallow Pierce’s dick. This is raw domination at it’s finest, and only… Counting Cards with Roman Todd & Cliff Jensen

Cliff Jensen and Roman Todd are playing cards with the boys and no one notices Roman jerking off under the table. Cliff gets upset at Roman’s plays which end up losing him money. He soon finds out why! He rewards himself for losing with a blowjob and some deep ass plunging. Join for lots… Generous with Justin Matthews & Griffin Barrows

Griffin Barrows and Justin Matthews haven’t seen each other for a while and can’t wait to get in each other’s pants, not only do they get each other out of their pants but the scene is filled with Lots of sucking, Ass eating and of course a pounding session that cannot be forgotten!