Morning After, Tigger Redd, Cade Maddox,

Noir Male - Morning After with Tigger Redd & Cade Maddox

Launching 19th April at we are super excited to see this movie! The silky smooth Tigger Reed is matched with the super stud Cade Maddox.Tigger is desperate to sort out Cade’s drinking habits, so he hatches a plan. As Cade is lying in bed with a slight hangover, Tigger appears at his bedroom door dressed in bathing but a tight pair of briefs. He gets into bed and lays next to Cade and discussed the night before. Now it is time for Tigger to show him how the morning after can be just as fun!

So as they discuss things, things soon turn to the subject of sex, and before long the pair start have the morning sex that we can all dream about. The pair enjoy some nice sexual oral sex but slurping on each other’s morning glories.. Case is in the mood for some delicious tasting hole and enjoys a feast on Tigger’s butt. As Tigger’s hole is nice and wet, there is only one things on their minds. Fucking, and boy do they go at it. Tigger takes all of Cade’s massive dick not missing an inch. If you look up passion in the dictionary then this will be the first things that comes up. Bravo to for another sexy movie, and we hope to see part 2 of these guys in action every soon! 

Jackson Reed Couldn't wait to try some of Jason Vario's Thick Meat!

Kristen Bjorn, Lex Anders, Kris de Fabio

Dog Eat Dog Lex Anders & Kris de Fabio Kristen Bjorn

Kristen Bjorn – Dog Eat Dog with Kris de Fabio & Lex Anders Remowned porn producers bring you their ultimate pairing this week, with the stunning Kris de Fabio and Lex Anders. Dressed in the gym wear, these guys cannot wait to strip down each other from the moment that they meet. Once naked,

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The Pledge, Falcon Studios,Devin Franco, Nic Sahara, Zak Bishop, Colton Reece, Trevor Miller

The Finale of Falcon Studios The Pledge Has Arrived!

Falcon Studios – The Pledge Finale withDevin Franco, Nic Sahara, Zak Bishop, Colton Reece & Trevor Miller Are you ready for the finale of the’s epic movie “the Pledge”? Now it has arrived and you haven’t seen anything quite like it.  The final hazing ceremony at the fraternity, has been set. Whoever gets through

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#1 Fan with Damon Heart and & Kayden Gray – Men at Play

Men at Play – #1 Fan with Damon Heart & Kayden Gray Fan Favorite Damon Heart is back with his gorgeous model face and tight dancer body and this time he?s paired with another fan favorite Kayden Gray in this week’s Men at Play scene fittingly titled… #1 Fan. Damon, an actor, arrives in his

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Second Chance,, Steven lee, jack hunter Bareback Second Chance with Jack Hunter & Steven Lee – Second Chance Bareback with Steven Lee & Jack Hunter Steven Lee has been trying to get a date with the tall and handsome Jack Hunter for a year, and he’s final worn him down. Tragically, Steven chokes to death on a piece of gum before he can make good on their plan. Steven

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