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Bromo: Full Tilt Fuck with Michael Roman & Billy Santoro

Who doesn’t love seeing muscle bound hunks fucking full tilt? Michael Roman and Billy Santoro can’t keep thier hands off each other in this riveting bareback flip-fuck. The intensity between these two never ends, even after they shoot their hot loads! Bromo.com offer this and loads more!  


Billy Santoro and Hans Berlin are waiting for Devin Franco’s final decision — is he or is he not going to sign off on their final deal? Honestly, Devin couldn’t care less about the deal these guys are after — he just wants to strip them out of their suits so they can take turns…

Men.com: Cum-petitive Pricing with Billy Santoro, Jack Hunter & Darin Silvers

Billy Santoro is bummed by his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Jack Hunter brings home Darin Silvers for some ‘studying”. Billy catches Jack with Darin’s dick down his throat and decides to teach Jack how to worship the dick. Darin’s in for the time of his life as the two hotties service his cock and balls before taking…

Bromo: Raw Tension Part 4 with Billy Santoro, Jordan Levine, Beau Warner, Ashton McKay & James Edwards

James cheated on his girlfriend, and as payback, she decides to tie him up and have four massive guys (Billy Santoro, Beau Warner, Ashton McKay, and Jordan Levine) let loose on his tight ass while recording it. Without skipping a beat, the guys quickly get undressed and dive deep inside Jamesí hole, taking turns using…

MEN.COM: HOLLYWOOD STORY PART 3 WITH Billy Santoro, Will Braun, Dennis West, Brenden Cage & JJ Knight

Will Braunís induction to the debaucherous nature of Hollywood concludes in Part 3, and it seems heís learned how to take direction quite wellóespecially with four cocks raining cum down onto him in this jizz orgy. JJ Knight joins Will in satisfying these powerful men of Hollywood.