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Men.com: Penis Panic with Cliff Jensen & Damien Pierce

What do you do when your in need of serious cock in a hurry? Well men.com have the answer they simply got Cliff Jensen and Damien Pierce together in the same room and the action just rocketed!

Men.com: Counting Cards with Roman Todd & Cliff Jensen

Cliff Jensen and Roman Todd are playing cards with the boys and no one notices Roman jerking off under the table. Cliff gets upset at Roman’s plays which end up losing him money. He soon finds out why! He rewards himself for losing with a blowjob and some deep ass plunging. Join Men.com for lots…

Men.com: Gay Mates Part 3 with Jordan Levine, Cliff Jensen, Jay Austin, Jacob Peterson & Paul Canon

Cliff and Jordan are having some private time when they’re interrupted by the curious trio that is Jacob, Jay and Paul who hear the moans and want to see what’s going on. It soon turns into one big fuckfest.

Men.com: Review – Gaymates with Paul Canon, Jay Austin & Cliff Jensen

Out flat hunting Cliff Jensen and his girl come across Paul Canon who is looking share his flat along with Jay Austin. Jay is running late and so Paul decides to interview the couple by himself. The interview is going well and Cliff asks “Okay this place seems to good to be true, whats the…

Men.com: Couples Massage Part 2 with Cliff Jensen, Ashton McKay & Beaux Banks

Cliff Jensen and Ashton McKay are out tossing a ball when Beaux Banks spots them and wants to toss more than a ball with Ashton. When Cliff steps away for a minute, Beaux swoops in to offer Ashton a private massage. Ashton happily agrees and Beaux gives him more than he bargained for. Not one…

Men.com: Desperate Househusband Part 2 : A Gay XXX Parody with Cliff Jensen & Casey Jacks

Cliff is still trying to fill the sexual void left by his wife. He spots her exercise buddy Casey working up a sweat outside and invites him in so they can work up a sweat together; with a hot calorie burning sex session.

Men.com: Desperate Househusband Part 1 : A Gay XXX Parody with Cliff Jensen & Jeremy Spreadums

Cliff Jensen is feeling like a neglected house husband since his wife has been overworking and not putting out. Jeremy, the sexy gardener, is willing and ready to give up some ass and offer up some much-needed cum bursting relief.

Men.com: Video Chat Meltdown with Cliff Jensen & Johnny Rapid

Cliff Jensen takes command of Johnny Rapidís little pink hole, plunging deep and hitting all the right spots causing Johnny’s deluge of cum.

Men.com: Spiteful Ex with Cliff Jensen & Wesley Woods

Wesley is determined to make his ex-boyfriend jealous with the hired help of hung stud Cliff Jensen. His plans backfire as his ex pays no attention to the pillaging of his hole by Cliff’s long and strong cock.