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Men.com: Better Than My Sister with Connor Maguire & Jordan Boss

Jordan Boss walks in on his unsuspecting sister and Connor Maguire having sex. He whips out his dick and drops his pants so Connor can see what else he can get and how much better he can get it.

Men.com: Retreat Yo’Self Part 3 with Connor Maguire & Griffin Barrows

Owner of the retreat Connor Maguire gives Griffin Barrows a private session on how to be truly free from his virtual connections and how to physically connect with Connor’s eager willing mouth.

Men.com: Dad Group Part 3 with Connor Maguire, Aspen, Ashton McKay & Jake Ashford

Connor finally gets to meet the group, and boy is he in for one hot jizz orgy. The dads strip down, their dicks hard and holes hungry. Jake, Ashton, and Aspen welcome Connor into the group with their raging hard-ons working off all the stresses and pent up frustration of a sex-less marriage.  

MEN.COM: Commuters with Connor Maguire & Jeremy Spreadums

Connor Maguire drills Jeremy Spreadums tight hole with his throbbing man meat. This Session is long hard and horny. Remember to join through our link and get 33% off!

Men.com: The Boyfriend Experience Part 1 with Brenner Bolton, Jordan Levine and Connor Maguire

Brenner Bolton, Connor Maguire and Jordan Levine are a triple treat in The Boyfriend Experience Part 1. Let the 3 Way begin!

Men.com: Taking It Too Far with Connor Maguire & Tobias

Tobias catches Connor Maguire stroking his cock and is soon coaxed into joining him for a suck and fuck fest. Tobias rides Connor and delights in being pounded by his throbbing piece of meat.

Men.com: Straight Guy Pact with Will Braun & Connor Maguire

Connor is busy cooking up a storm when Will walks in to check on his bud. The kitchen gets hotter after Connor accidentally spills sauce all over his shirt which leaves Will clearly turned on at the sight of his bare chest. He follows him into the bedroom and with a little convincing finally gets…

Men.com: Stealing Johnny Part 3 with Johnny Rapid, Will Braun, Jason Maddox & Connor Maguire

The amount of money generated from Johnny Rapid’s PR stunt inspires Connor Maguire to plop down beside him and be tied up as well. Will Braun and Jason Maddox are afraid thisstunt is going too far, but Connor and Johnny’s cocks keep them in the game.