Darin Silvers is The Disciplinarian of Justin Matthews

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Men.com – The Disciplinarian Justin Matthews & Darin SIlvers Men.com bring you Beefy Darin Silvers and athletic Justin Matthews in The Disciplinarian.  They are both sitting in class quietly working on homework. They break the silence to talk and brown-haired Justin explains what he did to get in trouble. Tattooed stud Darin is shocked that…

Men.com: Exploring Dick with Darin Silvers & Jack Hunter

Darin Silvers is taking another step into his “Exploring Dick” journey, this time its with Jack Hunter. Well lets face it if you’re gonna have some exploring of gay hot sex then who better to do it with? Lovers of Porn, will enjoy this one, over and over again…!

Men.com: Exploring: Man with Diego Sans & Darin Silvers

This series from men.com is called “Exploring: Man”…. Darin Silvers comes to play and to bottom (which he rarely does) and who better than to train his ass but the delicious Diego Sans. 

Men.com: Trust Issues Part 3 with Damien Stone & Darin Silvers

Darin Silvers has been a bad boy and his girlfriend isn’t having it anymore. She cock locks him but little does she know the pool man aka Damien Stone is a master at picking locks; with his tongue. He ends up putting his tongue to even better use to pleasure Darin’s eager hole.

Men.com: Anytime, Anyplace with Jake Ashford & Darin Silvers

Darin and Jake suck and fuck each other into ecstasy. They don’t need much to get it on anytime and anyplace.

Men.com: Cum-petitive Pricing with Billy Santoro, Jack Hunter & Darin Silvers

Billy Santoro is bummed by his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Jack Hunter brings home Darin Silvers for some ‘studying”. Billy catches Jack with Darin’s dick down his throat and decides to teach Jack how to worship the dick. Darin’s in for the time of his life as the two hotties service his cock and balls before taking…

Men.com: Hacker with Darin Silvers & Leo Fuentes

Leo Fuentes is busted after hacking into countless large corporations. Darin Silvers gives him a choice: submit to the feds, or to his sexual desires.

“Ride” Part 1 With Darin Silvers and Lucky Daniels

Darin Silvers has places to go but doesn’t have the cash to pay for his ride. Lucky Daniels knows an opportunity when he sees one. He offers to give Darin a ride to wherever he needs to go but first he gets to blow Darin’s big dick and then have his cute ass pounded.