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Men at Play: Bare Cheek with Dato Foland & Gabriel Lunna

When Gabriel Lunna has some problem with his pipe work (In the kitchen) he decides to call on the services of the Men at Play Plumbers. There is the door bell and Dato Foland has arrived to sort out the problem. Dato soon gets under the sink bending over and revealing some nice ass crack……

Men.com: Prelease Preview – Skilled Tricks Part 3 with Francois Sagat & Dato Foland

Dato is in for a haircut but gets way more than he expected when he meets the barber aka Francois Sagat. The men take turns sucking, licking and fucking each other to a perfect cumclusion.

Men.com: Uncut Legends with Dato Foland & Andy Star

Men.com: The Boy Is Mine Part 3 with Dato Foland, Diego Reyes & Nicolas Brooks

Men at Play: Elite with Dato Foland & Enzo Rimenz

Sometimes its always better to go for the “Elite” and the very best in quality! Dato and Enzo come together in this epic new movie from Men At Play!


Dato Foland and Andy Star give us an amazing performance, if you can call it that. Because it genuinely feels like you’re right there watching two hot guys fuck each other senseless. The chemistry between the men is absolutely intense! Dato’s dick game is probably the best we’ve ever seen on MENATPLAY. Giving it hard…

Men at Play: Russian Roulette with Dato Foland & Hector De Silva

If you’re ever fortunate enough to come up against Russian stud Dato Foland know one thing – you can never be too sure which way it’s gonna go. His deep Russian accent would have you believe you’re gonna be feeling his hard cock pumping inside you before too long. But don’t be deceived, he loves…

Men at Play: Blueprint with Dani Robles & Dato Foland

Men.com: Hall Pass Part 3 with Dato Foland & Diego Reyes

Diego Reyes’ boyfriend is still out of town— and he has his eyes set on stunner Dato Foland. Dato soaks that hole with his tongue before plunging deep into Diego, who savors every moment he has to take a new dick.


It’s not called Menatplay for nothing. But by ‘Play‘ they don’t mean a bunch of tedious business men at a dreary office party getting slowly hammered , stuck in awkward conversations. No, in their offices ‘play’ is when the hottest guys slip away from the office party to a private room and hook up for…