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Shadow Fucker with Diego Reyes & Lukas Daken Men.com

Lukas Daken, Diego Reyes, Men.com, Shadow Fucker

Men.com Shadow Fucker with Diego Reyes & Lukas Daken Men.com bring you Shadow Fucker! Tall and lean Lukas Draken is having a sexy dream about him and beefy Diego Reyes having passionate sex. The plot twist? Their shadows are also having sex at the same time! Brown-haired Lukas and his shadow both get to suck…

Men.com: Homopod P2 with Diego Reyes & Enzo Rimenez

Men.com’s HomoPod is back and he is feeling naughty.  This time HomoPod has decided to connect Enzo Rimenez’s contact list to his database. Clearly his contact list is more entertaining than his playlist. The HomoPod, intuitive as ever arranges a date for Enzo with the strapping stud Diego Reyes who had been working late but…

Action After The Match with Diego Reyes & Teddy Torres

Men at Play – Take a Shot with Diego Reyes & Teddy Torres Diego Reyes is getting changed after his soccer match when his manager Teddy Torres walks in. The Plan has been decided. Instead of talking about kicking balls they decide of playing which each others. The Suit Stays on as Teddy has another…

Men.com: Selfish Love with Paul Canon & Diego Reyes

What do you do when your off on your travels? Passport Check! Money Check! Tickets Check! But what if your horny and wanna get some dick? Well Paul Canon is in Spain and meets up with the super sexy Diego Reyes… and its not only the weather that is HOT! Join Men.com to see it…

Men at Play: Bravado with Diego Reyes & Andy Star

Men at Play turn up the heat this week with Porn Stud du Jour Andy Star and The Mighty Diego Reyes. Wanna buy a car? How about having you up again the bonnet instead. The Suits may stay on but they both get off!

Men.com: The Boy Is Mine Part 3 with Dato Foland, Diego Reyes & Nicolas Brooks

Men.com: The Boy Is Mine Part 2 with Diego Reyes & Nicolas Brooks

Diego Reyes ravenously slams Nicolas Brooks with his thick, hot cock. Its not hard to see that the boy is his!

Men.com: Secret Affair Part 3 with Paddy O’Brian,Gabriel Cross, Skyy Knox & Diego Reyes

Couple Paddy O’Brian and Diego Reyes continue their cheating ways—together. Gabriel Cross and Skyy Knox share their beautiful bodies and delicious dicks with the newly ex-boyfriends, engaging in a hot four-way.

Men.com: Secret Affair Part 2 with Gabriel Cross & Diego Reyes

Diego Reyes copes with his cheating ways—by fucking Gabriel Cross in the ass. Diego spreads those cheeks wide after getting his dick wet from Gabriel’s warm mouth. Gabriel hops on top and fucks the cum out of Diego’s tight balls.

Men.com: Fallen Angel Part 2 with Ken Summers & Diego Reyes

Diego Reyes and Ken Summers embrace and taste each other’s bodies, basking in their sexual energy. Diego’s tongue opens Ken’s ass for a welcome pounding. His rod travels deep to the hilt, massaging Ken’s anal passages until the floodgates send their hot semen cumming.

Men.com: Fallen Angel with Jay Roberts & Diego Reyes

Some people say you cannot live without love—but how far are you willing to go? Jay Roberts comforts Diego Reyes who lusts after love down on Earth’s surface. Once Jay gets that cock in his mouth, there is no other place that Diego would rather be. These gods of men take turns slobbering on each…