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Men.com: Selfish Love with Paul Canon & Diego Reyes

What do you do when your off on your travels? Passport Check! Money Check! Tickets Check! But what if your horny and wanna get some dick? Well Paul Canon is in Spain and meets up with the super sexy Diego Reyes… and its not only the weather that is HOT! Join Men.com to see it…

Lucas Kazan: Marco & Robbie

Fucker Mate: Packed in the Boxroom with Carlos Leão, Fabio Toba & Camilo Uribe

This week Fucker Mate’s two power tops Carlos Leão and Camilo Uribe tag-team and literally destroy the ass of the sweet Indonesian bottom Fabio Toba. First Camilo and Fabio meet while they put the storage room in order: a fleeting glance is enough to unleash their desire for sex and in a minute the Asian…

Men at Play: Bravado with Diego Reyes & Andy Star

Men at Play turn up the heat this week with Porn Stud du Jour Andy Star and The Mighty Diego Reyes. Wanna buy a car? How about having you up again the bonnet instead. The Suits may stay on but they both get off!

Fucker Mate: Welcome Back David! With David Montenegro & Korar Darvev

Most loyal Fucker Mate members will surely remember their first videos, back in 2013, where a young innocent-looking mate was destroying asses with his huge thick cock. That cute boy was the gorgeous Barcelonian David Montenegro that now, after few years, is back with us more hungry than ever and ready to pound again insatiable…

Men.com: Sex God Part 3 with Francois Sagat, Paddy O’Brian & Allen King

At last it has arrived the epic final conclusion of Men.com’s Sex God ends with a might bang, literally! Paddy O’Brian and Francois Sagat take it in turns to fund away at the delicious Allen King. All good things come to those who wait, but now the wait is over at Men.com.

Men at Play: Xlingo with Klein Kerr & Geordie Jackson

Geordie Jaxx has set up the camera and ready to do a presentation with Klein Kerr, as there is a language barrier they decide to use their mobile phones to do a translation to each other so the event can take place. While translating various phrases the phone translates “you are very handsome” and thing…

Fucker Mate: Camilo Uribe & Andy Star

Fucker Mate’s Colombian topmate Camilo Uribe is going around at night, looking for some nice place to meet local guys. While walking in the city center he finds “The Moon – Night Club”, a new amazing gay bar recently opened in Barcelona. Camilo goes inside and feels like at home, with the Caribbean style decoration….

Men at Play: Bad Pup with Andy Star & Denis Vega

Alone and horny Andy Star misses the scent of his man Denis Vega, as he sits there longing for his lover to return he discovers a worn suit with the smell of Denis. Andy gets all excited and gets out his cock as he sniffs the man smell from the finely embroided suit. Denis comes…

Lucas Kazan: Love Fucked 2 with Rhys Jagger and Leonardo Ricci

When the cat’s away…Rhys, who vowed endless love in “Loved Fucked” part 1, wastes no time fooling around with a trick in part 2 (LK exclusive Leonardo Ricci). Too bad Hector comes back home unexpected and catches them fucking on the couch. “Whereas p1 was all about a romantic connection”, says director Ettore Tosi, “p2…