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Sean Cody: Sly & Jax Play Together

When your new fit friend just left his extra room key in your own room by accident, the polite thing to do would be return it. Jax knocks Sly’s door and with no reply simply thinks that hey, he may be in the shower or whatever so he uses the key and finds his new…

Men.com: Exploring Dick with Darin Silvers & Jack Hunter

Darin Silvers is taking another step into his “Exploring Dick” journey, this time its with Jack Hunter. Well lets face it if you’re gonna have some exploring of gay hot sex then who better to do it with? Lovers of Porn, will enjoy this one, over and over again…!

Men.com: Imaginary Boyfriend Part 2 with Connor Maguire & Casey Jacks

Connor Maguire is in on the ruse too and pretends he doesn’t see Casey. They both wait for Teddy to leave so they can finally get some fucking in.

Men at Play: Bravado with Diego Reyes & Andy Star

Men at Play turn up the heat this week with Porn Stud du Jour Andy Star and The Mighty Diego Reyes. Wanna buy a car? How about having you up again the bonnet instead. The Suits may stay on but they both get off!