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Cockyboys: Fans Only! Daddy Double with Levi Karter, Michael Roman & Nick Sterling

This is the debut of Levi Karter in the Cockyboy’s Fans Only Films. Well if you’re gonna do it then blimey Levi Karter does it BIG, taking 2 daddies Michael Roman and Nick Sterling. The good news for us all is that they are 2 separate films in one. First of all we see Levi…

CockyBoys: Cory Kane & Valentin Braun Flip-Fuck

Are you ready for it? Prepare yourself. Take a Breath cause the time has arrived! Cory Kane meets Valentin Braun and they are giving you a flip fuck to remember. Before they get to the main event they devour each other’s massive dicks… the passion and connection that these too have will ignite your screen….

Bromo: Plugged in Paradise with Michael Roman & Phoenix Fellington

Michael Roman and red hot newcomer Phoenix Fellington are perfectly paired; both are gorgeous hunks who love giving and getting hard cock equally! The result is a feast for our eyes as they take turns plowing each other bareback in this riveting fuck fest.

Cockyboys: Call Me Lucky with Boomer Banks & Sean Maygers

Sean Maygers & Casey Everett aren’t good at tennis but fortunately they have an excuse to cut their game short: they’ve each got dates with guys they’ve met online. SO, off they go..with plans tell all the following day. Later a super-horny Sean can barely contain himself when Boomer Banks shows up at his door,…

CockyBoys: Ashton Summers & Jack Hunter Flip-Fuck

Ashton Summers and Jack Hunter had followed each other on Twitter for a long time, hoping for a scene and fantasizing about it. When they meet they’re full of mutual compliments PLUS they’re both want a flip-fuck. Perfect! They kiss slowly as Ashton slips out of his clothes and his steel boner pops up while…

Cockyboys: Jacen Zhu & Cory Kane

Not even a chilly spring rain can dampen the enthusiasm of adventurous Jacen Zhu! He’s visibly happy to be with Cory Kane, someone he regards as a down-to-earth, cool guy…as well as tall, lean, and packing a big dick. The rain does cut short their outdoors making out and Jacen sucking off Cory against a…

Titan Men: Sling with Alex Mecum & Tex Davidson

Tex Davidson delivers a sling to Alex Mecum, the clean-cut jock staring at the blue-collar stud as they set it up. “Anything else I can do for you?” asks Tex, getting up close to the tall Alex as they rub each other’s bulges. Tex releases his huge cock, Alex smiling as he drops to his…

Titan Men: Demolition with Eric Nero & Bruce Beckham

Eric Nero strokes his massive meat, but has to tuck it into his pants when the doorbell rings. Architect Bruce Beckham eyes it immediately: “Is that why they call you the Big D?” he asks. “Sure is,” answers Eric. “Wanna see it?” Bruce is wide eyed on his knees as Eric’s huge cock pops out….