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Men.com’s Sacred Band of Thebes Part 2 with Francois Sagat & Ryan Bones

Men.com Sacred Band of Thebes P2 – with Francois Sagat & Ryan Bones The epic porn series Sacred Band of Thebes continues with the next installment. The battle is on to see who see who is worth enough to go face to face into war. The Thebes decide to pit muscular hunk warrior Francois Sagat…

CockyBoys: Jake Jackson’s All Saints P3 with Francois Sagat & Ricky Roman

In ALL SAiNTS part 3 The Banker (Ricky Roman) from Answered Prayers returns, with his life (or what’s left of it) again infiltrated by a celestial creature, this time by François Sagat. At the same time tortured soul Carter Dane continues his work at the religious studies institute awakening to the hidden realities of his…

CockyBoys: “Love, Lost and Found” Part 4 with Francois Sagat & Sean Ford

One more day at the beach for Sean Ford. One more day sitting near François Sagat and staying silent. BUT, this day will be different. Sean dresses more provocatively and chats with François, opening up to him to the kindly sympathetic stranger. While Sean invites François over and shows him around, he’s still shy and…

Launching at Men.com on 16th: Elixir with Gabriel Cross & Francois Sagat

Francois Sagat and Gabriel Cross both find the “Elixir” and come across each other as their younger in their prime years. They are ready to fuck forever until the magic potion undoes its effects

Men.com: Heart’s Desire with Francois Sagat & Diego Reyes

Diego Reyes and Francois Sagat are so horny they can barely get through the door before ripping each other’s clothes off and getting down to business.

Men.com: Prelease Preview – Skilled Tricks Part 3 with Francois Sagat & Dato Foland

Dato is in for a haircut but gets way more than he expected when he meets the barber aka Francois Sagat. The men take turns sucking, licking and fucking each other to a perfect cumclusion.

Men.com: Justice League: A Gay XXX Parody Part 2 with Francois Sagat & Colby Keller

Aquaman (Francois Sagat) is summoned out of the ocean and he immediately hunts for the Green Lantern (Colby Keller) to find out what gay means. The Green Lantern decides itís best to just show him.

Men.com: Uncut Legends Part 3 with Francois Sagat & Nicolas Brooks

The Uncut Legends come to a massive finish with the ICON that is Francois Sagat and the hunky Nicolas Brooks. Standby cause this one will have you exploding all over the place.

Men.com: Dream Fuckers Part 3 with Paddy O’Brian, Sunny Colucci & Francois Sagat

Paddy and Sunny decide to experiment and see if they can share a dream with the Dream Fucker. Spoiler alert: it works, and soon the three hunks are working the poles and the holes toward an orgasmic conclusion.

Men.com: Dream Fuckers Part 2 with Francois Sagat & Sunny Colucci

Sunny Colucci falls into a deep sleep and meets the Dream Fucker Francois Sagat.