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Sean Cody: Logan Comes to Play!

SeanCody.com introduces their latest hunk to their line up! His name is Logan and boy does he have all the assets to make you a very happy viewer… watch as he undresses and gets off just for you! Hopefully we will all be seeing a lot more of Logan to cum…

Sean Cody: Gino & Blake

So the delicious Gino is back at Sean Cody and he is more than eager to fuck some ass, fuck some Blake’s Ass to be specific. Gino does not hold back in getting the satisfaction that he wants and Blake certainly of the receiving end of a very good fuck!

Sean Cody: Brock & Randy Bareback

Brock was really into Randy, and was ready to just dominate his ass, “Look at him, he’s a stud! He’s so muscular.” Watching two burly guys go at it and feel each other up was definitely a sight to see… And judging by Randy’s moans, and hot cum in his ass, Brock did him right….

Men.com: Ass Controller 3 with Ryan Bones & Thyle Knoxx

When you get a dinner invite from Ryan Bones then you would be a fool to turn him down, Thyle Knoxx doesn’t have to think twice and gets his ass over there in a second. They decide to play a game, insert a remote control ass toy and Ryan will control it via his mobile…

Sean Cody: Landon & Joe

Fresh from Sean Cody Joe was very excited to see Landon…so much so that he was all over him! “You guys finally gave me something I asked for.” Of course, Landon didn’t mind the attention at all, “I’ve heard about you…” Landon was eager to test Joe’s limits, and being as horny and cum hungry…

Sean Cody: Louis & Joe – BareBack

It’s been a little over a year, and Louis decided to come back to Sean Cody for some new experiences with another guy…Joey was more than happy to lend a helping hand…and his ass! Join in on the fun … SeanCody.com

Uk Hot Jocks: Locker Jock with Mickey Taylor

Oh Mickey he’s so fine, he’s so fine he blows out minds…! The man who can literally do anything that he puts his hands to is back at UkHotJocks.com Sporting a new hair colour, but with the same sexy everything else! Mickey has come to pleasure himself and let you in on the action. Starting…

Sean Cody: Wyoming Getaway with Asher, Deacon, Lane, Jack, Dillan & Malcolm

It’s certainly a sight to see when you get six horny guys together in a secluded winter oasis, with a whole lot of dick, ass and testosterone coming from all ends! Asher, Deacon, Dillan, Jack, Lane and Malcolm couldn’t get enough of each other, so this is part one of this intense orgy! Let the…

Sean Cody: Wyoming Getaway Part 3 with Dillan & Dean

Dillan joins us in the mountainous state of Wyoming, and Dean is back to fill his hole again! Itís just not possible to not have sex outdoors here. It’s too beautiful to pass up, so Dean started out by sucking Dillan’s throbbing cock with the beautiful mountain view in the background couldn’t ask for more…

Sean Cody: Malcolm & Dean – Wyoming Getaway Part 1

Wyoming has it all; the beautiful scenery, fresh air, and hot guys fucking outdoors! On the first day of this getaway, we were lucky enough to get some snow, so Malcolm and Dean were excited to have a little fun in it. A little cold didn’t stop these two studs from getting what they wanted!