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Titan Men: Dick Danger 2 with Liam Knox & Dakota Rivers

This is his city. Nothing happens here without Dick coming out on top—unless he encounters the likes of Dakota Rivers, who always has his back. The two slowly ditch their fedoras and tight tank tops, Dakota going down on his private dick. “That’s why I trust you with anything,” moans Liam, bending down for a…

Men.com: 2 for 1 with Jordan Levine, John Magnum & Jake Porter

The moral of this story is always leave your phone about if you want even more fun! Jordan sets up a blind fuck date and heads into the shower. Meanwhile, John is snooping through his phone and sees how hot his soon to be visitor is. He then decides to intercept when he arrives so…

Men.com: Let Me See It with Alex Mecum & Jake Porter

Alex Mecum can’t resist making some extra coin when Jake offers him some cash to drop his towel and show him the goods which leads to a quick fuck session. Make sure you Join men.com for lots more XXX content!

Men at Play: The Mentor with Hector De Silva & Andy Star

Hector De Silva is making an important speech and just cannot seem to remember the vital lines that he is going to say, he makes a call to his colleague Andy Star for a little but of advise and some support. Things soon go from a little word in his ear to a large cock…

Raging Stallion: Drive Thru with Rikk York & Michael Roman

Rikk York mans the ‘Drive Thru’ as orders flow in. At the window, Rikk notices scruffy hunk Michael Roman outside staring and touching himself in Rikk’s clear view. Rikk takes one last order and heads out to take the trash where he happily runs into Michael. Instantly, Michael grabs Rikk and starts tearing clothes off….

Men.com: Addicted to Ass with Colby Keller & Ashton McKay

As soon as Ashton spots Colby Keller’s bodacious butt he knows he needs to get in it. Fresh off a workout, Colby is ready to work that ass some more. His hole opens and Ashton’s rod is welcomed in, working in and out as both men work up a sweat.

Titan Men: Pool Service with Jack Vidra & Matthew Bosch

Pool man Jack Vidra delivers the bad news to his client: “You’ve got a really big pipe. It’s too big for the hole.” Matthew Bosch smiles back at the blue-collar stud, whose wife beater clings to his toned build: “I’m pretty sure you can make that work.” The red head reaches over, grabbing the bulge…

Men.com: Besame with Diego Sans & Dorian Ferro

Diego Sans uses Dorian Ferro’s ass as his own epicenter of pleasure. His dick disappears deep into that hot hairy hole, massaging Dorian’s prostate with his relentless pounding.

Men.com: The Cut with Sean Duran & Diego Sans

Time to say goodbye to Diegoís luscious locks. Sean Duran is repaid for the haircut with Diegoís hard rod pumping his hairy ass.

Titan Men: Cauke for FREE Agent Bo Hunter (Jason Vario) fucks his boss Speaker Ryan Paul (Alex Graham)

“Did you see anything?” asks the nervous Speaker to Agent Vario, whose crotch hovers by his face. “I did, but I have your back.” Alex rubs the growing bulge, soon breathless as he gags on Jason’s uncut cock, spit dripping to the floor. Their boners poke each other as they kiss, Jason then slurping Alex’s…