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Lucas Kazan: Marco & Robbie

Men.com: Sex God Part 3 with Francois Sagat, Paddy O’Brian & Allen King

At last it has arrived the epic final conclusion of Men.com’s Sex God ends with a might bang, literally! Paddy O’Brian and Francois Sagat take it in turns to fund away at the delicious Allen King. All good things come to those who wait, but now the wait is over at Men.com.

Men at Play: Bad Pup with Andy Star & Denis Vega

Alone and horny Andy Star misses the scent of his man Denis Vega, as he sits there longing for his lover to return he discovers a worn suit with the smell of Denis. Andy gets all excited and gets out his cock as he sniffs the man smell from the finely embroided suit. Denis comes…

Men.com: How I Fucked Your Father with Tristan Jaxx & Will Braun

Will Braun heads over to see his friend but his dad, Tristan Jaxx, informs him he’s running late. Will is extremely turned on by his friend’s dad and the feeling is mutual so they decide they might as well have some fun to pass the time. Men.com have it all and more.

Lucas Kazan: Loved Fucked! with Hector DeSilva & Rhys Jagger

“I love you. No matter what, remember I’ll always love you”. Guest star Rhys Jagger vows endless love for Hector DeSilva. They make a toast and celebrate in the bedroom, flick fucking each other. Just how long “endless” really is? “A dream come true”, says director Ettore Tosi: “Tall, handsome, hung Ryhs –on loan from…

Fucker Mate: Friends on Fire with Alexis Clarks & Xavier Sibley

Fuckermate: Xavier and Alexis Clark Fuck In the fucking hot scene of this week Fucker Mate  introduce you the cute Frenchman Xavier Sibley, for the first time shooting with us. He gives his best bottoming for his young Spaniard friend Alexis Clark, that was eager to find some hungry ass where to stick his long…

Sean Cody: Landon & Joe

Fresh from Sean Cody Joe was very excited to see Landon…so much so that he was all over him! “You guys finally gave me something I asked for.” Of course, Landon didn’t mind the attention at all, “I’ve heard about you…” Landon was eager to test Joe’s limits, and being as horny and cum hungry…

Next Door Studios: Summer Time Flings with Danny Gunn & Johnny Riley

As the sun begins to set on one of the last days of Indian Summer, Danny Gunn asks buddy Johnny Riley if he’s ever had a sexual experience with another man. Johnny tells him he’d have to be pretty drunk to even consider it, and Danny tells him he’s thinking about it all wrong. Danny…

Next Door Studios: Literary Drilling with Michael Del Ray & Jacob Peterson

As Michael Del Ray and Jacob Peterson try to maintain their studies, Michael grows impatient and restless, and looks over at Jacob in an attempt to engage in a little distraction. Jacob seems intent on finishing his reading, but Michael persists, and in no time, the two of them have cast their books aside for…

Men.com: Heart’s Desire with Francois Sagat & Diego Reyes

Diego Reyes and Francois Sagat are so horny they can barely get through the door before ripping each other’s clothes off and getting down to business.