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Cockyboys: Jacen Zhu & River Wilson

Fun-loving Jacen Zhu knew that he and River Wilson would have a connection before they even met and had a great time at Montreal Pride. After Pride that connection is confirmed and taken to another level as they kiss with deep affection and Jacen begins sucking off the French-Canadian. Jacen’s sensual sucking makes River moan…

Men.com: Get It In Part 3 with Manuel Skye & River Wilson

Manuel Skye is next in line to sample his stepson’s delicious boyfriend. Things get heated and his hunger is satisfied!

Cockyboys: Threeway Heaven, with Manuel Skye, River Wilson and Matthew Parker.

Manuel Skye and River Wilson> make their Cocky Boys debuts, joined by returning fellow Canadian Matthew Parker, and they’re ready to make a strong first impression. Spoiler alert: they do… BIG TIME, especially the explosive Manuel. He leads the opening introduction (and much of the action), whereas the other guys exhibit low-key, cosmopolitan charm… even…

Men.com: Giving with Matthew Parker & River Wilson

Matthew Parker gives River Wilsonís hole something to wrap around. His throbbing cock travels in-and-out of Riverís delicious ass with pleasurable ease. Both men embrace the pleasure, ejaculating hard from their delicious dicks.