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Men.com: Switcheroo with William Seed, Ryan Bones & Joey Mentana

When it comes to anniversary’s many couples will buy roses, chocolates or a meal out. At men.com they like to do things a little more SEXUAL for Ryan Bones and Joey Mentana they asked to have a surprise fuck session with William Seed. This ass pounding is that hard, it will be hard to TOP…

Men.com: Ass Controller 3 with Ryan Bones & Thyle Knoxx

When you get a dinner invite from Ryan Bones then you would be a fool to turn him down, Thyle Knoxx doesn’t have to think twice and gets his ass over there in a second. They decide to play a game, insert a remote control ass toy and Ryan will control it via his mobile…

Men.com: Battle Buddies Part 1 with Ryan Bones & Bellamy Bradley

Drill instructor Ryan Bones is leading initiation boot camp for all the new recruits. Bellamy Bradley gets caught fantasizing about his instructorís boner and gets exactly that when ordered to drop to his knees.

Men.com: Justice League: A Gay XXX Parody with Ryan Bones, Paul Canon & Manuel Skye – Released 8th December

Robin (Paul Canon) gets Alfred (Manuel Skye) to hook up one more time before Batman (Ryan Bones) comes back and catches them. Batman catches Robin on his knees and decides the best way to deal with this; is to join in on the fun.

Men.com: Justice League : A Gay XXX Parody, Part 1 with Johnny Rapid & Ryan Bones – Launches 24th November

With Superman’s death, the country is reeling from the loss. Batman has to get to work to get hopes back up for everyone again. But first, The Flash stops by to encourage Batman in a way he thinks will not only bring his confidence back up, but his big throbbing cock too.

Men.com: Sneaky Slut with Ryan Bones, Jack Kross & Tobias James

Ryan catches his stepson Tobias in the act with Jack and decides to show them how to really slobber all over a cock.

Men.com: The Ghost with Ryan Bones, Jack Kross & Bellamy Bradley (Pre-Release Preview)

Jack and Ryan develop a master plan to tag team Bellamy without his knowledge. At first, he’s spooked at seeing Jack in front of him when he thinks he’s behind him but easily relents to getting all his holes filled to the brim.

Men.com: Hide & Seek Part 1 with Ryan Bones & Zack Hunter (Launching 9th June)

What do you do when caught underneath the hot jock’s bed? You listen to him stroke and enjoy every second. Once caught, the dirty little peeper is thrown on the bed and made into a bottom bitch just as he wanted.