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Men.com: Quest for The Perfect Cock Part 3 with Casey Jacks & Paul Canon

The quest continues for the perfect cock at Men.com with Casey Jacks and Paul Canon, and the journey is something to remember. Lots of Oral Fun with some nice positions for all you lovers of deep anal action!

Men.com: Snap! Part 1 with Tristan Jaxx and Beaux Banks

Class is in session and Beaux Banks is bored and horny so with one snap of his fingers and his hunky teacher Tristan Jaxx is suddenly naked and ready for a one-on-one lesson, the desk is not made for marking… it’s for fucking!

Men.com: The Boss Part 3 with Paddy O’Brian, Pietro Duarte and Ken Summers

When “The Boss” aka Paddy O’Brian calls you in for an asssssessment of your work its an offer you cannot turn down and you must do you best to show that you have what it takes to continue working within the Company. This Time Paddy asks Ken Summers and Pietro Duarte into his office and…

Men.com: Penis Panic with Cliff Jensen & Damien Pierce

What do you do when your in need of serious cock in a hurry? Well men.com have the answer they simply got Cliff Jensen and Damien Pierce together in the same room and the action just rocketed!

Men.com: The Boss Part 2 with Jessy Ares & Pietro Duarte

Jessy Ares is seeking a special king of guy and so he turns to Paddy O’Brien to sort it out for him. Paddy instantly things of Pietro Duarte so the call is made. Paddy remarks to Jessy before Pietro arrives that he is just the man for you and he has an amazing arse to….

Bromo: Winter XXX Games Part 3 with Alex Neveo, Bo Sinn & Ryan Bones

The guys have a bit of time to kill before the competition. When Alex Naveo admits to Bo Sinn & Ryan Bones that riding snowboards makes him wanna ride cock, his fate is sealed. Can he take on two sex beasts at the same time? You’re about to find out just how hard and deep…

Men.com: Ass Controller Part 6! With William Seed & Jack Hunter

Most people go to the gym for one reason (well maybe 2 if you wanna sneek a look at the goods in the locker room) however William Seed and Jack Hunter seem to be hitting each other up instead of the gym equipment! Jack’s Ass gets a good hard work out and a sweat was…

Sean Cody: Wyoming Getaway Part 3 with Dillan & Dean

Dillan joins us in the mountainous state of Wyoming, and Dean is back to fill his hole again! Itís just not possible to not have sex outdoors here. It’s too beautiful to pass up, so Dean started out by sucking Dillan’s throbbing cock with the beautiful mountain view in the background couldn’t ask for more…

Men.com: Battle Buddies Part 1 with Ryan Bones & Bellamy Bradley

Drill instructor Ryan Bones is leading initiation boot camp for all the new recruits. Bellamy Bradley gets caught fantasizing about his instructorís boner and gets exactly that when ordered to drop to his knees.

Men.com: Prelease Preview – Skilled Tricks Part 3 with Francois Sagat & Dato Foland

Dato is in for a haircut but gets way more than he expected when he meets the barber aka Francois Sagat. The men take turns sucking, licking and fucking each other to a perfect cumclusion.